Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant


Ahhh where do I even start trying to explain the beauty of these... Dear to my heart, the Rose of Jericho, also known as The Resurrection Plant. This listing is for one, larger than palm-sized, dormant (closed and dry) Rose of Jericho Plant.

Since ancient times, the Rose of Jericho has been used in Witchcraft and Rituals to aid in areas of longevity, resurrection and re-birth, abundance and finances, love spells and good health. Not only is the plant itself and the process of opening it (or closing it) full of magical properties, but the water used to open it is rich in uses, often being called light water. It is never to be discarded and is valuable in so many ways. 

Further info and suggested instructions will be available in a lovely blog post I am almost done creating soon.