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Blue Sage Blends Smoke Cleansing Sticks

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These beautifully crafted Blue Sage Blends Smoke Cleansing Sticks are handcrafted in Costa Mesa Colorado, using sustainably harvested components, in respectful, traditional manners. All are roughly 7" long.

Suggested instructions: light the stick, allowing it to burn for a few moments before blowing the flame out. Fan the embers lightly or blow gently to keep the stick smouldering and the smoke releasing. Use the smoke to energetically wash property, spaces, or persons. Use a shell or pottery to catch the ashes.

Each blend has its own properties in addition to the Blue Sage and can be helpful for different uses:

  • Blue Sage + Basil: Cleansing, Money draw, Divination, Protection
  • Blue Sage + Copal: Cleansing, Purification, Peace, Removal
  • Blue Sage + Dragons Blood: Cleansing, Protection
  • Blue Sage + Eucalyptus: Cleansing, Health, Healing
  • Blue Sage + Flat Cedar: Cleansing, Blessings, Offerings
  • Blue Sage + Frankincense: Cleansing, Consecration
  • Blue Sage + Ginger: Cleansing, Acceleration, Attraction, Confidence
  • Blue Sage + Jasmine: Cleansing, Love, Dream Work
  • Blue Sage + Juniper: Cleansing, Warmth, Regeneration, Deflection
  • Blue Sage + Lavender: Cleansing, Purification, Protection, Healing
  • Blue Sage + Lemon Verbena: Cleansing, Breaking Hexes or Bad Habits
  • Blue Sage + Mugwort: Cleansing, Divination, Focus
  • Blue Sage + Myrrh: Cleansing, Meditation, Ritual
  • Blue Sage + Nag Champa: Cleansing, Amplification, Clearing
  • Blue Sage + Oranges: Cleansing, Connection, Sweetness
  • Blue Sage + Palo Santo: Cleansing, Blessings, Good Luck
  • Blue Sage + Patchouli: Cleansing, Money Draw, Love and Lust, Fertility
  • Blue Sage + Peppermint: Cleansing, Psychic Visions, Purification
  • Blue Sage + Pinõn: Cleansing, Inviting in Sweetness, Positivity
  • Blue Sage + Red Sandalwood: Cleansing, Protection
  • Blue Sage + Rosemary: Cleansing, Protection, Healing
  • Blue Sage + Roses: Cleansing, Love, Peace
  • Blue Sage + Spruce: Cleansing, Grace, Serenity
  • Blue Sage + St Johns Wort: Cleansing, Elevate Mood, Health
  • Blue Sage + Sweetgrass: Cleansing, Harmony, Communication with Spirit
  • Blue Sage + Thyme: Cleansing, Bravery, Releasing
  • Blue Sage, Cinnamon + Flat Cedar: Cleansing, Empowerment, Blessings, Offerings
  • Blue Sage, Cinnamon + Lavender: Cleansing, Empowerment, Purification, Protection, Healing
  • Blue Sage Manifestation Blend: Vanilla, Frankincense, Sandalwood
  • Blue Sage Money Draw Blend: Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Sandalwood
  • Blue Sage Triple Goddess Blend: Maiden Sage, Motherwort, Cronewort
  • Transitions: Comfort for the bereaved; Anti gossip. Release the past; healing. Cleansing of negativity or exorcism
  • Mandrake: Cleansing of negativity or exorcism, Image magic, protection during sleep

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