Sweetgrass Braids

Sage + Energy Cleansing


Sweetgrass, also known as holy grass or vanilla grass has a delicate sweet scent that intensifies when it burns. It grows throughout North America and in parts of Northern Europe as well. These braids of sweetgrass are grown and harvested here in Canada.

Sweetgrass is one of four plants considered to be sacred medicines to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples. Its significance changes in different communities. For the Anishnaabe First Nation, it is believed to be the sacred hair of O’gushnan, Mother Earth, with the three sections of the braid representing mind, body, and soul. To other First Nations the sections of the braid represent love, kindness, and honesty. When burned for use in traditional smudging, smoke cleansing, or talking circle practices, Sweetgrass is said to purify the home and spirit, and eliminate negative thoughts. The sweet smell that comes from burning sweetgrass is said to be appealing to the good spirits, thus inviting positivity and goodness into your space.