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Tarot 101 Workshop

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Sold Out! Please use the ‘notify me’ option so you can be the first to know when we add the next dates ♥️ We can’t wait to see you!

We are SO EXCITED to announce the next dates for Tarot 101! We welcome you to join us:

Saturday, May 28th from 3:00 - 6:00, or Sunday, May 29th from 1:00 - 4:00!

Are you curious about Tarot, the lore that surrounds the cards and its readers, or what it means to read and understand each card?

Whether you have a deck that you work with already but are ready to take the next step, or you are brand new and curious about what Tarot really is, and how it can help to heal and gain insight for you and those around you...

Tarot 101 with The Witch Down The Lane will both answer your questions and give you a firm foundation from which to build your tarot practice.

In this 3 hour interactive course we will delve into:

  • the history of Tarot
  • the makeup of each suit
  • associated numerological correspondences
  • exploring The Fool’s Journey
  • an understanding of the 22 Major Arcana cards
  • the ethics of Tarot
  • discussion about how to read logically and intuitively
  • meditations relating to reading
  • Tarot spreads and types
  • Along with many experienced tips and tricks to get you started reading for yourself and others!

A reference booklet of all information covered in this course will be provided.

We have a few ticket options available, either $99 for "Bring your own Deck" if you already have the traditional Rider Waite Deck to bring, or $125 for a class seat, plus a brand new Rider Waite Tarot Deck to use in the class and take home with you. (Otherwise sold separately for $32. ♥️)

This is our all-time favorite workshop, and we truly can’t wait to share space with you all again.

This event is open to everyone and anyone interested, no previous experience or knowledge is required. Space is limited, so please don’t hesitate to reserve your spot now!

Event Details:

  • Saturday, May 28th from 3:00 - 6:00, or Sunday, May 29th from 1:00 - 4:00!
  • These workshops are in person, in our community space at our Calgary boutique. The address is 211 17th Ave SE. Free attached parking!
  • Tea will be offered, please feel free to bring snacks if you'd like. 
  • Please bring a notebook and pen, and your Rider Waite Tarot Deck if you chose the class only option.

Amanda is a multi-generational witch and occultist. She has read tarot for over two decades, using it as a guide to tapping into one's subconscious and higher self, while focusing on spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Her intention is to heal, liberate, and empower by providing clarity and ultimately guide her students and clients towards their most authentic selves. Teaching both High and Low Magick, along with Universal Principles, Amanda offers classes, workshops, and tools to help implement spiritual, abundant, and soulful practices into your life. She currently lives just outside of Edmonton and we are so pleased to host her for this workshop!

You can see more of Amanda’s work and we encourage you to follow her on Instagram here.♥️

*Please note that all Readings, Event and Workshop bookings are Final Sale as they immediately go to support our readers and practitioners and so that time slots and seats can be organized beforehand. This policy is needed so that we can continue to support our ever-growing community in this way. Thank you for your understanding! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Amazing class for everyone looking to get into tarot

This class was everything I needed to get back into tarot and really understand what each card means. Amanda has a way of explaining / teaching that is so easy to understand and retain. Her energy definitely makes it a comfortable and accepting space to learn in. Rite of Ritual’s room for these workshops is also the coolest, most comforting space I have been in. It always feels like walking into a family member’s home where you are welcome and loved. Tarot 101 was incredible and I can’t wait to do 102!

Tarot 101

Amanda has an allure that's impossible to deny! She weaves story and topical content so fluently you hardly feel like you're in a class. For someone with next to no knowledge going into Tarot 101 I came out feeling excited and ready to explore my first deck. I especially appreciated the topic of ethics. Setting clear boundaries for oneself without authoritarian rule was an eye opening discussion. I look forward to developing this new skill! Thanks Amanda! And thanks Rite of Ritual for bringing her in to impart her wisdom.


Great workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals and history of tarot - Amanda is the best teacher and is hilarious! I can’t wait to take future workshops!

Jenna Dellemonache
Had the best time!

When I signed up for this class, I was interested in learning more about Tarot. Looking back on it, this class was the best gift I've ever given myself. Amanda is the best teacher I've ever come across, she is so approachable and FUNNY, and made it easy to understand something that can quickly become really intimidating and complicated. I really enjoyed learning how to ground myself before shuffling - I always second guessed that I was doing it right. I have been pulling a card a day for several months now, but after the class I feel much more comfortable handling and interpreting my cards, and moving on to (simple) spreads. When I journal my cards, I always reference the book that she included. The tea and snacks were a lovely touch, thank you to Kati for such warm hospitality into your beautiful space and for giving us new witchlings an opportunity to learn more with like minded people. I hope I will be able to attend every class that is held in the future - the distance that Amanda travels is so appreciated!! If you are interested in learning more about Tarot, this class is definitely the way to do it. You won't be disappointed!

An amazing class for anyone remotely interested in Tarot

I purchased a Tarot deck recently and I saw that Rite of Ritual was hosting this workshop, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.
Amanda was a great teacher who was very engaging and honest with us. She also did a wonderful job making us feel welcome and like the whole group of us were in it together.
She did an amazing job exploring the history of Tarot, as well as the different meanings of the cards in a way that was so helpful and incredible for anyone just getting started with Tarot.
The workbook from this workshop is incredible too. It’s a great tool that’s informative and easy to follow. As I continue my journey to become a proficient Tarot reader it has been so useful to me.

I left this class feeling inspired to continue learning Tarot and I absolutely can’t wait to attend another one.

Wonderful event!!!

I absolutely Loved this event, it was literally a highlight of the month for me. Amanda is genuine, knowledgeable, hilarious and compassionate. I have been interested in tarot for years, and this workshop encouraged me to start using tarot on a daily basis, and also gave me the knowledge and confidence I required. It was so great to meet other like-minded people, and they even provided us with delicious food and tea. The Rite of Ritual store is amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful, and I just love coming here as the energy is warm and accepting. I attended this workshop from out of town, and I can't wait for more events in the future. Thank you very much Amanda and Rite of Ritual!!


If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Tarot, take this class. If you’re hesitant or unsure, don’t be. Register immediately when you have the chance!! This class with Amanda was simply amazing! The class was engaging, informative and fun. I would highly recommend it. Amanda was funny and you could tell she was extremely knowledgeable and she created a safe space for everyone to learn and ask questions. I learned so much from her and plan on taking more courses with her when I get the chance. The atmosphere at Rite of Ritual is incredible and they made me feel right at home. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


I had a really great time at the tarot workshop with Amanda! I am a tarot beginner and I found the class really informative and easy to follow. I reccomend checking it out if you get the chance!


Amanda's Tarot 101 class is exceptional. She is pure magic! Her teaching style, heart, and sense of humour made me wish the course would never end! She is extremely knowledgeable and has a talent for teaching complex concepts in a way that's easy to understand. I would happily take any course she offers. On top of all that greatness, Rite of Ritual is beautiful and welcoming beyond words. We were SO well taken care of. There was a great sense of community and I'm thankful for this wonderful experience. Can't wait for more!

Absolutely worth it!

Amanda is a wonderful teacher! She genuinely cares about your relationship with the Tarot, and teaches in a way that allows you to find what clicks with you to further your practice. If ever there is another Tarot workshop I will do my all to be there!