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Tumbled Amber Calcite

Amplifies | Balances | Supports

When using this stone with your Third-Eye and Crown chakras it may help to amplify energy and increase psychic abilities. This enhanced energy may help you to release feelings of deprivation and allow you to feel your connection to the universe. Like all Calcites, Amber (Honey) Calcite is a supportive stone to help you through major life changes. Its gentle energy may help calm an overly anxious mind, and reach deeper states of meditation and sleep.

Chakra Associations: Sacral, Solar-Plexus + Crown
Astrological Associations: Cancer, Leo + Pisces
Origin: Himalayas

We also offer a large variety of smaller organza or velvet drawstring bags, perfect to keep your tumbled stones in, or use as mojo bags with herbs and other items included. Also lovely for giving these as gifts. You can find the perfect small crystal bags here.

Your Calcite piece(s) will be chosen with love and care!

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This is hands down my most frequently used and gifted crystal. I love them, I call them “the forbidden butterscotch” which is a reference to both appearance and the calm energy they have. I’m picky about crystals and Rite is the only shop I trust to choose the right crystal when I order.