Tumbled Bloodstone



Detoxifying | Healing | Grounding

A mix of deep green Chalcedony with small bursts of Red Jasper, Bloodstone is a powerful stone with a rich mythology. It is often used for protection and to help cleanse a person or area of negative energy. Use it to bring on mental clarity and aid in decision making. Creativity can flow through the usage of this stone and help to bring ideas from musings to reality. The green of the stone is believed to connect with the Earth and help in grounding the body while providing strength and determination to push through adversity. Bloodstone has been used to increase energy and strength. Bloodstone can help to enhance intuition and creativity and may be used to combat fatigue, irritability, and confusion. It’s good to keep a Bloodstone in any place that needs its energy cleansed.

Sizes are fairly similar between the price ranges. These have been priced by quality and characteristics along with weight. We will select yours intuitively, with love and care, from the price you have chosen.