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Way of the Practical Mystic

In THE WAY OF THE PRACTICAL MYSTIC, approaches for the lasting creation of good are detailed that are completely in accord with the Christian way and the principles of New Age thought. The use of affirmations in realizing abundance and harmony is described with clarity, there is a new look at prayer, and a threefold path towards successful realization.

We control our lives by our own thoughts, and we have total responsibility to use that remarkable power for the good of all. We can develop subtler, intuitive abilities and become more sensitive to the profound richness of life.

THE WAY OF THE PRACTICAL MYSTIC is suitable for the religiously-minded of all persuasions but will be particularly helpful for someone steeped in the Christian tradition. The words of Saint Matthew, 'Therefore if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light', sum up the philosophy.