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Wicked Good Room Sprays


We're in love with these room sprays from Wicked Good! All Wicked Good sprays are skin safe as well, feel free to use on yourself, or in the air around you! Please shake well before using. These are 4 oz spray bottles and come with a mister and lid.

  1. Road Opener - Clear a path for opportunities to arise for yourself by spraying this during energy work, or use it to help clear your aura. this blend is made of frankincense for a charge and clearing negative energy, Lemongrass to clear both the spiritual and physical junk and aid in removing bad luck. It also has juniper to guard against harm and to increase resolve and dedication.
  2. Keep Calm - Lavender is Known for its amazing properties on invoking peacefulness, inducing healing and restful sleep as well as helping to calm stormy uncontrolled emotions. This spray invites warm nurturing feelings, allows joy to manifest, and protects against negativity.
  3. Dragons Blood - A beloved fragrance in any form, dragons blood is incredibly potent! Excellent for inviting good fortune, love, passion, and protection, it can also be used to banish away unwanted energies.
  4. Ninja Power - Sweet and bursting with the scent of jasmine, Ninja Power is used for protecting one against anything harmful, be it physical or otherwise. It's also excellent for breaking down your own walls and insecurities and can help move beyond any negativity that might be weighing you down.
  5. Come Hither - Lavender, Patchouli and Orange Blossom combine to make this irresistibly zesty attraction spray. Perfect for situations where love, passion, and partnership are desired! This one makes a particularly amazing body spray.
  6. Easy Street - If success is what you seek, this beautifully scented bergamot infused mixture will generate prosperity, abundance, wealth and good fortune when sprayed with intent!
  7. Karma Cleanser - A blended oil of amber musk and peppermint sage. When the small things start to derail your day, it’s time to clear out that stuck on karma and get your energy moving again! This spray uses the combination of peppermint sage for cleansing and clearing out negative and obsessive energy with amber musk to energize and attract great energy your way

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Love the smell, will buy more

Come Hither Room Spray

This is like my dream scent! It is strong but not overpowering. I love it