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December 14, 2018 1 Comment

For anyone that’s just starting to get involved with the magical world of crystals, it can be fascinating but also a little overwhelming. There are so many different types, different colours of certain types, each with their own healing properties, and varying cleansing needs. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top five crystals that should be in your starter kit. We’re keeping it simple, and not choosing some rare, beautiful and very expensive ones, but ones that you can find easily and are affordable. Now there are varying shapes (tumbled, raw, cut, polished, geode, druzy, etc) but I suggest choosing whichever shape you’re most drawn to that also fits within your budget.

  1. Clear Quartz:

    Often referred to as the ‘Master Healer’, Clear Quartz is believed to be the most powerful energy amplifier and healing stone on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy making it excellent for cleansing other crystals as well. If you’re needing some mental clarity, clear quartz can help eliminate energy blockages to allow positive energy to flow freely through the body. If you’re wanting to use this crystal as a feng shui element you can place it on a window sill. The amplifying power of Clear Quartz will pull in positive energy from the Sun and Moon and radiate it into the rest of the room. Since Clear Quartz will amplify any energy surrounding or put into it ensure that you cleanse it occasionally to keep those positive vibes flowing.

  1. Amethyst:

    A powerfully protective stone with plenty of healing properties, Amethyst is another variety of quartz with traces of manganese and iron, giving it those lovely varying shades of purple. Helpful for purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts, like the ones brought on by stress and anxiety. I like to keep a small piece under my pillow to help bring calm, soothing vibes to my bed for a good night’s rest. This stone is great for the office as well by relieving work-related stress, facilitating intuition and communication and emanating prosperity. Bonus, this is another stone that pulls double duty and can cleanse other crystals! Help amp up those good vibes and get some Amethyst in your life.

  1. Citrine:

    This is a powerful stone of light and happiness and does not hold onto negative energy so it rarely needs to be cleansed. Citrine radiates light and positivity and is a powerful manifestation stone since it’s powered by the Sun's energy. Being associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, Citrine strengthens your motivation, decisiveness, and determination, helping you to push and reach your goals. It is a stone of abundance that can attract wealth, prosperity, and success in all things. It balances that by encouraging generosity and the sharing of one's good fortune. Take this, “Merchant’s Stone” with you to work, and channel some of that abundant energy into your professional life. The radiant yellow colour of Citrine encourages fresh starts, new pursuits and leading a full life.

  1. Green Aventurine:

    The ‘Stone of Opportunity’, Green Aventurine is one of the most powerful stones for luck, wealth, and manifesting prosperity. When going through major life changes this stone can help you connect to the Earth and have a grounding effect on your body. Utilize the soothing energy of Green Aventurine to learn about yourself, and create new opportunities by releasing old habits and patterns. With this stone comes optimism, and a motivation to move forward and embrace the changes that life often brings. I like to keep a piece with me at home and at the office.

  1. Rose Quartz:

    This is the stone of unconditional love, not just romantic love, but all types of love, self-love, love of friends and family. Rose Quartz surrounds you with love energy, making it beneficial for healing and flooding your body with positivity. The soothing vibrations of this stone help to revitalize the body, calm negative emotions and alleviate stress. It can be very helpful during times of heartache or grief as it provides emotional support during difficult and often draining times. Whenever you need to feel loved, supported or compassion, pick up this beautiful crystal and set aside some time for meditation and reflection.

Now there’s so much more to explore with each of these stones, and you definitely don’t have to buy these specific ones. It’s always best to trust your gut and go with what you’re drawn to as it may be a sign that you’re in need of that particular crystal at that time. But, these are my personal top five essentials and can cover a whole lot of healing ground. If you have any others that you would add to this list, let me know!

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Jordan Makely
Jordan Makely

December 14, 2018

So helpful! I’ve always been so curious about crystals and how to use them in my life.

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