Dry Lavender Bouquets


Associations: Air, Mercury, Gemini + Virgo, Masculine
Magical Properties: Sleep, Peace, Cleansing, Happiness, Clarity

These beautiful bouquets of Super Blue Lavender are wrapped in black tissue and twine making an excellent gift for you, or your floral loving friend. The small bundles are only wrapped with twine, though the large bundles are wrapped with black paper as well. Both are an ideal size for vintage vases, altar arrangements or for hanging throughout your home.

Lavender is used in so many forms to help promote rest and relaxation. Hang some in your bedroom and let the calming smell of lavender help clear away your daily stress and bring about a peaceful nights sleep. For spell work we recommend our Dried Lavender Buds  or Lavender Oil though these bundles will work just fine for that as well. You can never really go wrong with a little lavender in your life.